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FPG Security & Investigations Services

FPG Security & Investigations
FPG Security & Investigations
FPG Security & Investigations
FPG Security & Investigations

Corporate Security Services

Corporate Clients can access a wide range of services independent of one another or as a package bundle. Access control for garages and front desk services, perimeter security to maintain free movement and function, patrol and response for larger corporate campuses, executive protection for all high value executives. Close protection officers are able to protect executives within and without the buildings, providing armed transport, armed bodyguard services, and as couriers transporting high value assets from one location discreetly to another.

[ Access Control, CCTV Monitoring, Executive Protection, Patrol & Response ]


The ongoing epidemic of organized retail theft in WA state costs property owners over two billion dollars per year since 2020. Our officers work with retail clients of all sizes to provide personnel security and mitigate losses. Our services range as follows: unarmed uniformed officers and unarmed suit & tie formal security who may deter or prevent theft by taking appropriate measures against an external threat. Asset Protection trained officers are certified and insured to use an appropriate amount of force to reclaim property from criminals when safe enough to do so. Armed and Off Duty Officers are licensed, certified, and insured to use an appropriate amount of force to reclaim property and detain criminals for responding law enforcement. Our administrative team works alongside and with the current Organized Retail Crime Task Force. We hold a 100% success rate with lawful detentions. Our Off Duty team has stopped multiple flash mob robberies and our reports and actions have assisted with the arrest and prosecution of multiple high risk repeat offenders. Our retail clients have a hold harmless agreement to protect them from liability.

[ Deterrence, Asset Protection, Detentions ]

Rental Properties

The growing rise of violent crimes and epidemic of active open drug use has created safety issues for most rental properties, especially seen in section eight properties. Our team provides on site armed security services embedding our safety response team within the community. We work along the office staff to ensure a safe parking and living site for all tenants. We assist in serving notices and complaints, keeping detailed incident reports, and respond to any unsafe incident on the property campus. Our team works with local law enforcement and detectives to ensure safety for staff and tenants. Off Duty officers are *required for clients we deem high risk*. Patrol Response officers are available for property managers services multiple properties. 

[ Detailed Reports, Patrol & Response, Incident Command Systems ]

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