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 About FPG Security & Investigations

FPG Security & Investigations, Seattle WA
Our team is a small local agency that provides law enforcement trained armed private security guards and investigators. The ODOs are well versed and adept at understanding Constitutional and Statutory laws. In addition our officers have extensive training and knowledge in: report writing, de-escalation tactics, defensive tactics, escalation of force continuum, handcuffing, pepper spray, taser, advanced firearms training, and incident command systems. With multiple WSCJTC firearms instructors and in house trainers we guarantee a higher quality service than industry standard. Working with the Organized Retail Crime Task Force our field officers have assisted in the capture and prosecution of a notorious and violent ORC team. Our service has stopped multiple robberies in progress, diffused volatile incidents, and provided safety for our client's staff and patrons. Nobody should be afraid of being assaulted at work, and everyone should feel safe to shop.

Our Specialty:
[ Off Duty Officer ]

Friedley Protective Group offers a full spectrum of private security services. We perform Access Control, Retail Deterrent Presence, Armed Protective Security, Off Duty Officers LE Security for the highest degree of protection, Armed Courier services, and Executive Protection.


How we operate

Our company values the community within which we live. Our goal is to mitigate and neutralize loss. The highest priority is the safety of all persons. Additionally we seek to limit property loss which affects the local economic infrastructure. The ripple effect in crime affects our communities with more acts of violence in addition to loss of property. Unlike many corporate security companies we do NOT have a "no touch" policy. Instead, our team will act appropriately in accordance with statutory and constitutional laws to protect our clients. In accordance with the standard escalation of force continuum our officers can use an appropriate amount of force that is reasonable and necessary to neutralize any threat on our client sites. We utilize detention and handcuff wrist restraints in commission with detention when appropriate. Why pay a corporate company who refuses to step in on your behalf and refuses to allow their guards to assist your staff or patrons? Our clients receive a hold harmless agreement and our staff is not employed directly by your business so all legal liability falls upon us and our operating insurance. 

Educate the Clients

RCW 9A.16.020, “Use of Force - When Lawful”

RCW 9A.16.010, Definitions

Statutes address many specific situations. The industry standard is to use ONLY the minimum level of force necessary to: Detain a person you know has committed a felony; Protect yourself or another from assault or

injury; Prevent theft or property damage; Detain a trespasser for the purpose of

investigation; or Detain a suspected shoplifter. 

RCW 9A.16.080
Detentions within a mercantile establishment

RCW 9A.16.080

Allows detention of a suspect:

In a reasonable manner, for a reasonable amount of time, if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the person detained was committing or

attempting to commit theft or shoplifting. 

Use Of Force Continuum
When and How to Use

The use of force continuum is a fairly well known scale. It is used in almost every Law Enforcement Agency, security guard company, and private detective agency. A version is even used in the military. The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) presents an example of a use of force policy with easy to understand concepts.

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